A camera system so smart that it can replace your traditional alarm

No keypads

No control panel, keypad or codes

No sensors

No door or window sensors

No false alarms

No false alarms guaranteed

Smart and easy to use security

Secure your business with a security solution that replaces keypads and sensors with professionally installed cameras and software that guarantees no false alarms. So powerful is our camera system, that it can replace your traditional security.

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No false alarms

Other security systems are unable to distinguish between movement from people and other motion. Cammy solves this with smart camera software that only sends an alert when a person is detected. It’s security you can trust.

No keypads or codes

Enjoy an alarm that automatically arms when you leave the office and disarms when you arrive. You can also manually set when you want your alarm on/off and share the alarm with other staff. No codes, no keypads, no stress.

No annoying sensors

Not only are sensors unreliable but they don’t show you what triggered an alarm. With Cammy, you can live view and verify who set off your alarm right from your phone. No need to pay a guard to investigate what happened. No sensors, no worries.

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Everything you need to review important events

Manage, view and search all your cameras from one dedicated computer monitor. Live view all cameras at once and easily search footage by date and time.

Quickly find important events with an innovative timeline that displays a series of spikes only when people are detected on camera. No more watching hours of video to find what you're looking for.

Understand what really happened with all your cameras vieawable on one screen. See which entrance someone entered, what areas they accessed, and if anything was stolen. Collect the evidence you need.

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A complete video management solution

Available through select providers, Cammy includes professionally installed cameras, Cammy Hub monitoring software, and a user friendly mobile app. What makes Cammy different to other camera systems is its intelligent person detection, which guarantees no false alarms.



Capture everything in high definition with state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor cameras

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Storing and analysing footage, the Cammy Hub is a network video recorder with AI running locally to detect person activity

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Monitor on the go, receive alarm alerts, live view, export and share footage plus much more

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Business with Cammy

Perfect for your business

Cammy can help your business deter theft, safeguard important files, track deliveries, notify you of a break-in and keep your employees safe.

Cammy Provider

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Cammy is only available through select security providers. Become a provider and leverage our core expertise in AI and deep learning, cloud services and smart analytics to grow your business today.