About Us

Cammy provides businesses with security that can help protect property, safeguard employees, and improve operational efficiencies.

Our Story

Cammy was founded by our Chairman Christian Beck after the tragic murder of Jill Meagher in Melbourne in 2012.

Following the murder, Police were required to go door-to-door to retrieve surveillance videos, and it took several days to identify what happened. If just one in 10 homes and businesses had a cloud-based surveillance system, it would have been easier for the public to share evidence and taken less time for Police to catch the killer.

It wasn't long before Cammy was launched making camera security a viable option for thousands of homes worldwide. We also attracted some businesses along the way and soon identified a gap in the market for small to medium sized businesses who were frustrated with their existing security options.

Today we are focused on bringing businesses and high-end homes an easy to use and smart integrated camera alarm system using the latest technology. Exclusively sold and installed by a network of licensed security providers, Cammy offers a range of flexible payment options.

We are headquartered in Sydney, and our team includes over 20 world class engineers and designers.

If you're a current Cammy customer, thanks for choosing us - we value your support. If you're a business needing security or a installer wanting to grow your business, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

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