Team Cammy

Mission, Values and Our Team

Here at Cammy, we're committed to using the latest technology to make the world a safer place for you, your family and your business.

Since we launched in Australia in 2014, we have expanded into over 107 countries around the world, and now have over 30,000 active accounts across the globe.

From a simple and affordable security solution to a general monitoring platform that allows you to keep an eye on kids and pets, Cammy provides peace of mind wherever you are.

Our team includes a combination of world class developers, designers and security professionals. We are passionate about our design, and spend countless hours simplifying everything as much as possible so that it's easy to use Cammy as part of your daily routine.

Innovations like this are what drive us, but more importantly making sure they work in real life for our family, friends and customers is where we see our real value.

So, why choose Cammy?

App-based security solutions are radically better if they use as cameras as sensors. Not only are they so much quicker and easier to install than traditional alarm systems, they can also verify a real intruder which eliminates false alarms.

Our world-class developers have created Cammy's unique ‘person-detected alarm' feature that uses our sophisticated software to send you alerts only when a real person triggers an alarm event.

No more false alarms from pets, spiders, changing light patterns – or even people you know, like your kids or your staff. No more having to sift through multiple alarm events to find the ones that really matter.

And if you do receive a person-detected alarm from an unwanted intruder you'll be the first to know so you can take action within seconds. You can even call the police with just the tap of a button in the app.

With Cammy, you can be sure that you are using only the very best leading technology backed by our super-high service commitment – we're here to make your life easy!

What's more, Cammy is the only app-based security solution endorsed by NSW Crime Stoppers.

We're really proud of Cammy, and we're always striving to provide you with an even better service,so please feel free to contact us with your feedback, Like Us on Facebook or simply say hi. We would love to hear from you.



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