Cammy DIY

Know what’s going on when you’re not there. An indoor camera system so powerful you will practically feel like you are there with your family, pets, and most importantly, to keep your home or business safe. Cammy DIY is great for parents, pet owners or businesses that want to monitor and check in live when motion is detected.

Alien indoor IP cameras and Cammy Hub


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  • 2 Wi-Fi 1080p HD indoor cameras
  • 30 day cloud storage
  • Cammy mobile and desktop app
  • No monthly fee
  • No contract
  • Cammy Hub for full video recording
  • Motion alerts
  • 12 month warranty
  • Cammy DIY Premium
          Free trial for 3 months

Cammy DIY is an easy to set up plug and play system, meaning once you receive your cameras, plug them in, set them up to Wi-Fi and you’re ready to begin monitoring. Easy!

Watch over your kids

Know when your kids get home from school and use the two way audio to find out how their day was.

Check in on your dog

Check in on your dog throughout the day and know when he's misbehaving or tell him how much you love him.

Be alerted if someone is trying to break in

Be alerted if someone is trying to break in so you can call the police immediately and have footage for them to take immediate action.

Cammy DIY Premium

When you buy Cammy DIY you get a free 3 month trial to Cammy DIY Premium (normally $10/camera/month, cancelable anytime). Additional features include person alerts, image stream for all events, and premium phone and email support.

No contract

Premium phone & email support

Unlimited warranty

6 month cloud storage

Person alerts

View events in full

Only: $ 10 /camera/month

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Cammy DIY

Cammy Pro

Designed for Affordable indoor protection for homes and small businesses Advanced indoor and outdoor security for homeowners and small to medium businesses
Initial cost $299 $1495
Monthly price No monthly cost
Cammy DIY Premium free trial for 3 months (normally $10/camera/month)
$75 + $19/additional camera
*No up front charge for additional cameras
Includes Cammy Hub
2 Alien indoor cameras

Professional installation
Cammy Hub
Three cameras of users choice
Additional cameras Alien: $79
Penguin: $99
Minimum contract None None
Installation Self-install Professional installation
Storage length 30 days 30 days
Motion events Yes - 2 images per event Yes - full image stream for events
Support Unlimited email support Premium phone and email
Warranty 12 months Unlimited
Guaranteed no false alarms
Waterproof outdoor cameras
Tamper proof

What are Cammy customers saying?

Set up on mobile phones and tablets is so easy. It took me less than five minutes to have it up and running. It's the only camera software I would use. Well done, Cammy.

Profile picture Richard Hallworth

I love the cams and brilliant service too! I got them for peace of mind for my pets. One of my dogs recently had some seizures, now I can make sure she's safe whilst I'm at work.

Profile picture Kel Muir

Your system saved my home from intruders. I was at work but police were on site within 10 minutes. No arrest but it had the desired effect. Great product and service.

Profile picture Allan Goodwin

Cammy is trusted by thousands of happy customers across the world.


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