What IP cameras do I get with Cammy?

It depends on your needs. We have two different indoor camera options, the Alien and the Penguin. The main difference between these two cameras is you can pan and tilt the Penguin when you live view. We also have an outdoor waterproof camera, the Nighthawk.

What are IP cameras?

IP cameras are Wi-Fi cameras that send and receive data over a computer network. They are purpose built for surveillance and range from indoor to outdoor options.

How are IP cameras powered?

IP cameras need to be plugged into power. They come with a 1.5m long power cord but you can use an extension cord for longer distances. They also come with mounting brackets so you can place them on walls or up high.

In what format do I view the camera footage?

When your cameras detect motion they will take a series of snapshots. Put together, these snapshots play like a video. All motion detected events will be viewable by date and time from within the app.

Can I see a live view of my cameras?

Yes, you can remotely connect to any of your Cammy cameras and view a live stream from that camera.

Will my camera have night vision?

Yes, our indoor and outdoor cameras support night vision. For specific Cammy camera specifications, please see our Cameras page.

How do I purchase additional cameras?

You can purchase and set up as many additional cameras as you want. Visit our Cammy Store to purchase additional cameras.

Are there any restrictions with outdoor cameras?

To ensure you don't receive false alarms, we recommend you face outdoor cameras at a low traffic area, e.g. pointing at a front door or backyard versus a camera pointing at a public footpath.

Please note that pointing a camera into private property (e.g. neighbour's backyard or windows) is considered illegal in most countries. Please check your local laws before doing this.

How waterproof are the cameras?

Our indoor cameras are NOT waterproof. The outdoor camera is waterproof (IP66 rated) which means it is "dust tight" and protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water.

Can I use other manufacturers' cameras with your service?

Yes! You can use any IP camera that has an "FTP". Some manufacturers even support our auto setup system. If auto setup is not supported you will need to manually enter the MAC address and settings. Please keep in mind that you can't use live view or pan and tilt features with another manufacturer's camera. To use other IP cameras as part of your Cammy system, you will need to purchase our BYO plan.

Can cameras be used outdoors?

Yes, we also sell an outdoor camera, check it out here.