Security System Features

Secure your office with a security solution that replaces keypads and sensors with professionally installed cameras and software that guarantees no false alarms.

The Cammy Hub and Console

Cammy Hub is the core software technology behind Cammy. It's what lets you view all your cameras from one screen using Cammy Console software. Running on a dedicated powerful PC, it stores and analyses footage, and is able to accurately detect person activity.

Cammy Console image, showing 4 videos being played


Search footage easily

Use the timeline to quickly see when people were detected on camera. Click on a time to watch what all cameras captured at that moment.


Capture everything 24/7

Continuous video recording allows you to analyse in detail what’s happening in your office. Capture the evidence and make informed decisions.


Add multiple cameras

Connect up to 10 cameras per Cammy Hub. The power of the software lets you add multiple cameras without putting a strain on your internet.


30 day cloud back-up

For added peace of mind, event frames will be backed-up and stored for 30 days.

The Cammy App

Whether you’re at home, away on holidays, or stuck in transit, the Cammy phone app makes it easy to check on your office anytime, anywhere. Monitor on the go, receive alarm alerts, live view and much more.

Phone showing how Cammy detects a person and displays an alert


Get alerted when a person is detected

When your cameras are armed and a person is detected, you will receive an alert. If it’s a threat, you can tap to call the Police, straight from the app.


Be there in the moment

Tap to see a live view of your cameras from anywhere, anytime. You can do this from your phone, tablet or computer.


No codes or keypads needed

Automatically have your cameras arm and disarm based on your location. You can also manually schedule your alarms.


Find out what happened

View a list of timestamped events starting with the most recent footage captured. Easily find what you’re looking for.

Cammy Cameras

Our Spider and Nighthawk cameras are both POE enabled and are professionally installed to improve performance. Both cameras feature Night Vision up to 20 meters, are waterproof, and record in HD 1080p quality.



HD quality

Night Vision


Indoor/Outdoor POE Camera

Alt text

Ceiling or wall mounted and tamper proof, the Spider camera is so versatile it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Discreet by design, this dome camera provides a professional look in any room.


Indoor/Outdoor POE Camera

Alt text

This bullet style camera can be used outdoors or indoors. Featuring a slightly wider angle of view than the Spider, the Nighthawk also features a protective brim making it weatherproof so you can watch over an entrance, car park, or side alley.

How it Works

Cammy is professionally installed by our network of selected licensed providers.

Cammy Cameras

Footage sent to Cammy Hub

Cammy Hub
  • Stores video footage
  • Runs Artificial Intelligence
  • Identifies events with people
Cammy Console
  • Live view cameras
  • Play back video
  • Export video
  • Timeline of person events
  • Footage stored locally
Cammy App
  • Play back event snapshots
  • Export event snapshots
  • Receive person alerts
  • Set and manage alarms
  • Events stored in the cloud

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