Cammy Hub

Cammy Hub is the core software technology behind Cammy. It's what lets you view all your cameras from one screen. Running on a dedicated powerful PC, it stores and analyses footage, and is able to accurately detect person activity.

Person detection timeline

Search footage easily

Use the timeline to quickly see when people were detected on camera. Click on a time to watch what all cameras captured at that moment.

HD video recording

Capture everything 24/7

Continuous HD video recording allows you to analyse in detail what’s happening in your business. Capture the evidence and make informed decisions.


Add multiple cameras

Connect up to 16 cameras per Cammy Hub. The power of the software lets you add multiple cameras without putting a strain on your internet.


30 day cloud back-up

For added peace of mind, event frames will be backed-up and stored for 30 days.

A complete video management solution

Available through select providers, Cammy includes professionally installed cameras, Cammy Hub monitoring software, and a user friendly mobile app. What makes Cammy different to other camera systems is its intelligent person detection, which guarantees no false alarms.



Capture everything in high definition with state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor cameras

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Monitor on the go, receive alarm alerts, live view, export and share footage plus much more

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