What exactly does setup involve?

Setup is as simple as:

  1. Plugging your camera into a power source
  2. Connecting your camera to your router
  3. Downloading the app and following the setup instructions within the app

Once the cameras have synced with the app, you can unplug them from your router and they will connect to your Wi-Fi. From there you can place the cameras wherever you want as long as they are connected to power.

With Cammy's auto setup, you can get your camera running in just minutes.

You can view the full setup guides for our Cammy cameras here:

Will I need to call out an electrician to connect my cameras?

Our system is designed for plug and play. Cammy is a DIY setup so you won't need a professional for installation. If you, however, want to place a camera outside you may need to contact a local electrician to position and power your outdoor camera as the cameras need to be plugged into power in order to work.

If I unplug a camera, do I have to set it up again?

You can unplug your camera at any time and move it to a different location (within the same Wi-Fi range), without having to set up the camera with Cammy again. If you need to move your camera to a new location with a different Wi-Fi connection, you will need to go through our "Retry Auto-Setup". Any questions, please contact us.

If the Internet disconnects, will the camera automatically reconnect to the network?

Yes, if the Internet drops out, the cameras will automatically reconnect when the Wi-Fi signal returns.

How do I set up Home Alarm?

Please refer to Home Alarm setup guide. Any questions, please contact us.