Secure Your Business With Cammy

Available through select security providers, our camera alarm system can help you safeguard property, protect valuable equipment, and notify you if there is a break-in plus so much more.

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Person alerts

Prevent theft

Visible security cameras can deter theft from visitors or employees while person alerts will notify you of a break-in. The video evidence can be used to convict a criminal and prevent future theft.

Event timeline

Business insights

See when a package was delivered and who signed for it, find out who made a mess in the staff kitchen, or check when the cleaners arrived and departed.

Video recording

Secure business files

Safeguard important documents, computers and data with 24/7 video monitoring. Know who accessed files and track the movement of expensive company equipment.

Live view

Monitor in real time

Catch criminals defacing or damaging property, monitor an unknown visitor, watch over tradespeople and monitor entrances to give employees a sense of safety.

Burglar breaking into a house
Outsmart burglars

Know if someone is trying to break in. Call Police. Capture the evidence.

Naughty dog
Monitor pets

See if they’re ok. Capture funny moments. Share them with friends.

Child at home
Check on the kids

Know they’re ok at home. See who comes to the door. Monitor pool areas.

The cost of not having Cammy

Most businesses know that from time to time, things can go wrong. Whether it's an important file that goes missing, the cleaners not doing their job properly, a rogue employee misbehaving or a break-in after hours.

Such events cause stress, lost time and thousands of dollars that a business owner will never get back.

Yet these events can be minimised and often avoided with 24/7 video recording and person alerts.

When you consider what you have to lose, a security system is a great investment that could actually save you money every month.

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