Indoor System

Cammy DIY

Perfect for houses, apartments and small businesses that want to monitor indoors and check in live when motion is detected.

Cammy DIY package


+ Free shipping

  • 2 Indoor 1080p HD WiFi cameras
  • 1 Cammy Hub for continuous video recording
  • Cammy app for phone, tablet and PC
  • No lock-in contract
  • No monthly fees
Pro Install Outdoor/Indoor System

Cammy Pro

Best for homeowners and small businesses that want professionally installed indoor and outdoor cameras that can alert you before a break in happens

Cammy DIY package


+ Free professional installation

  • 3 Indoor/Outdoor HD 1080p cameras
  • 1 Cammy Hub for continuos video recording
  • Cammy app for phone, tablet and PC
  • Professional installation
  • Premium phone and email support

What are Cammy customers saying?

Set up on mobile phones and tablets is so easy. It took me less than five minutes to have it up and running. It's the only camera software I would use. Well done, Cammy.

Profile picture Richard Hallworth

I love the cams and brilliant service too! I got them for peace of mind for my pets. One of my dogs recently had some seizures, now I can make sure she's safe whilst I'm at work.

Profile picture Kel Muir

Your system saved my home from intruders. I was at work but police were on site within 10 minutes. No arrest but it had the desired effect. Great product and service.

Profile picture Allan Goodwin

Cammy is trusted by thousands of happy customers across the world.


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