Is there a limitation on the free cloud storage?

We have no limits on how much storage each user receives. However, images will only be stored for 30 days on our cloud server before they are deleted. If there is an event you want to keep, you can export that event from within the app and save it to your computer. For instructions on exporting events, please click here.

Which IP cameras does auto setup work with?

The Cammy app will walk you through the setup process. Auto setup works with all Cammy cameras and most D-Link and FOSCAM cameras. For other IP cameras, you will need to follow our manual setup guides. And don't worry, if you need help you can contact us.

What happens when I get a intruder alert on my phone?

You can watch the event and decide if you want to take action. You can call the police, ignore the alarm or disarm the alarm for a period of time.

Where are the images stored and for how long?

The snapshots are stored in your personal and secure cloud account for 30 days. If you want to keep an event you can choose to download it.

What happens when the one year subscription runs out?

Please click here.

Which countries do you support?

We have customers worldwide! For now, we ship cameras to addresses within AU, US and UK. However, if you reside elsewhere, you are able to purchase our BYO plan. If you need any assistance in figuring out which services we offer in your country, please contact us.

What are person detected alerts?

Cammy can tell the difference between a cat and a cat burglar! Your alarm will not be activated by pets or light changes. Person detected alerts mean you only get notified if there is an actual person in the frame.

How does scheduling work?

Schedules allow you to set times for when your alarm will be armed, disarmed or automatic (based on your location). This feature is perfect if you want your alarm on every night after you go to bed, or off when a person you know such as your house cleaner arrives each week. It is also great for businesses with set open and close times. Scheduling can work with or without automatic arm / disarm (based on your location) giving you more flexibility and control of your Home Alarm.

How does auto arm / disarm work?

The automatic arm / disarm feature works through geo-fencing, meaning that our cameras will detect when your mobile connects to your Wi-Fi network and turn off. When the last person who is included on the alarm leaves the Wi-Fi range, the alarm will automatically arm. No more hassles with keypads!

How do you guarantee no false alarms?

We have a sophisticated computer algorithm that can accurately identify human movement. This means you won't receive alarms for motion detected events (such as curtains or tree branches moving in the wind). The system will also not be triggered by pets. We guarantee no false alarms.