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The Cammy Indoor Packs

Great for houses, apartments and small businesses that want to monitor indoors and check in live when motion is detected.

What you get:

  • Indoor Alien 1080p HD Wifi cameras
  • Cammy Hub for continuous video recording
  • Cammy app for phone, tablet and PC
  • No lock-in contract
  • No monthly fees

Easy to set up in minutes

All you need is a router for the set up, access to power and a smartphone with the Cammy app.

Plug your cameras into power
1. Plug cameras into power
Connect your cameras to wifi
2. Connect to Wifi
Monitor from your phone
3. Start monitoring

Alien Indoor 1080p HD WiFi Cameras

When you buy Cammy you get high performance HD 1080p Wifi cameras. With a wide field of vision that's perfect for any room, the Alien camera is sleek and stylish and sits well on any desk, countertop or windowsill. Set them up to monitor activity during the day or night and communicate with 2-way audio.

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Alien indoor IP camera

Cammy Hub

Cammy Indoor Packs include the Cammy Hub, a small yet powerful device that stores footage from your cameras in high definition video. Whether it’s monitoring a pet's movement throughout the day, a baby sleeping, or collecting critical evidence of a break-in, the Cammy Hub gives you a crystal clear view of the events that matter.

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Cammy Hub

Peace of mind wherever you go

With the Cammy app you’re one tap away from home with quick access to live view, all motion events, your alarm settings and much more.

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iPhone 6
Business with Cammy

Perfect for your business

Cammy can help your business deter theft, safeguard important files, track deliveries, notify you of a break-in and keep your employees safe.

Cammy Provider

Become a Cammy provider

Cammy is only available through select security providers. Become a provider and leverage our core expertise in AI and deep learning, cloud services and smart analytics to grow your business today.