Burglar breaking into a house
Outsmart burglars

Get alerted if someone breaks in. Call Police. Capture the evidence.

Naughty dog
Monitor pets

See if they’re ok. Capture funny moments. Share them with friends.

Child at home
Check on the kids

Know they’re ok at home. See who comes to the door. Monitor pool areas.

Person alerts only. No false alarms.

Cammy is the world’s only home alarm that guarantees no false alarms. With easy to set up Wi-Fi cameras and smart person detection, Cammy is simple to use and only alerts you when a person is detected on camera. Enjoy your day without worrying if everything is ok at home. Finally, home security you can trust.

iPhone showing a person detected notification

Security is in your hands

With Cammy you’re one tap away from home with quick access to live view, all motion events, your alarm settings and much more.

Easy to set up Wi-Fi cameras

Cammy uses plug in Wi-Fi cameras which are so super easy to set up, all you need is Wi-Fi at home and access to power. The cameras are portable so you can move them around, which is great if you’re renting or have to move home.

Wi-Fi Enabled

High Definition

Night Vision

Plug & Play
Alien indoor IP cameras

Peace of mind really can be this easy.

A complete security and monitoring service that you can rely on.

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“Thanks to my camera footage, the Police were able to recognise the burglar and identify him as a known criminal from the area who had committed crimes like this before.”

Muhammad Chaudhry
Cammy customer

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