Privacy & Security

I'm worried about my cameras being hacked, is that possible?

We have built Cammy to protect you from IP camera hacking. To learn more, please check out our article on how you can prevent your camera from being hacked. Got a question we haven't answered? Please contact us.

Who can view my camera footage?

Your cameras are password protected and all footage is private to you and family or friends whom you've shared a camera with.

If you report an event to Cammy's support team, they will be able to view that single event to assist your inquiry. Our team are not able to view or recover events that have been deleted from your account or access live view.

What is Cammy's stand on privacy? How can I be sure?

Australia has very strict privacy laws and Cammy abides by all of them. We will not share your private footage or sell your information. Ever.

What kind of security measures do you have in place?

Cammy is committed to protecting the security of your data. We use a variety of industry-standard security technologies and procedures to protect your data from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. We also require you to enter a password to access your account information. We cannot be responsible for any harm that occurs if you disclose your account password to unauthorized people.

The Cammy apps connect to the Cammy cloud service using AES 128-bit encryption and Transport Layer Security (TLS). Cammy uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure for cloud servers and online storage. Amazon's security policies can be found here. Microsoft's security policies can be found here.