What do I need to use Cammy?

  • The free Cammy app
  • Broadband Internet connection (1 Mbps upload recommended)
  • Router with Wi-Fi or ethernet (4G dongles are not recommended as Cammy requires a constant Internet connection)
  • iPhone (4S or newer) or Android device (4.0 or newer)
  • A Cammy camera or an IP camera

Can I use Cammy on multiple phones and what type of phone do I need?

Yes, you can use Cammy on multiple phones. Simply download the app on a smartphone that meets the minimum requirements (excluding Windows phones) and log in to your account. You can also share your cameras with other house members. For more information on sharing, click here.

How much Internet data does Cammy use?

Data usage is minimal because you're not downloading anything. We store your data for free in the cloud for 30 days. You only access this data when you check the app. It's no different to checking Facebook on your phone. You may incur some data usage when you view an event averaging 675kb per event.

How much data does Cammy use to upload the images to the cloud?

The cameras only capture and upload motion detected events. If your cameras are positioned in a high traffic area, they will be constantly uploading events. On the other hand, if your cameras are positioned indoors or in places with minimal movement, less data will be consumed. On average, one event is 675kb (10s event, 1.5fps, 45kb per snapshot).

Will Cammy work with a static or dynamic IP addresses?

Cammy doesn't need your IP address in order to work, you can use Cammy with either a static or dynamic IP address.

Do I need professional set up?

Please click here.

How much technical knowledge will I need to set up this service?

Cammy is built for simplicity. We have done the hard work for you so if you can use a smartphone, you should have no trouble setting up Cammy.