Monitor Your Home, Office, Pets or Kids from Anywhere, Anytime!

With Cammy you can monitor your most prized possessions from anywhere, anytime right from your smartphone. You can see if the kids are safely home from school, if the dog is on the couch, if your staff are hard at work or if someone is trying to break in.

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*Terms and conditions apply. To be eligible you need a WiFi router. We'll also send you a free ebook with the most common security mistakes.

HD cameras + video recorder

When you join Cammy you get state of the art HD cameras plus the Cammy Hub, a small device that provides continuous video recording.

High Definition

Night Vision

Plug & Play

Alien indoor IP cameras and Cammy Hub

8 Home Security Mistakes To Avoid

By registering your interest today you will also receive our free ebook about the 8 home security mistakes to avoid. In this ebook you'll learn:

  • What technology criminals are using to target homes
  • The types of yards that attract burglars
  • The biggest deterrent for burglars
8 Home Security Mistakes To Avoid

Complete security solution

Cammy offers a professionally installed camera based security and monitoring service that uses state of the art HD cameras powered by smart software. We guarantee no false alarms so you can be sure your home is safe.

Auto arm/disarm

Intruder alerts

30-day cloud storage

Remote live view


Satisfaction guarantee